Due to the advances in technology, eScripts have rapidly become essential for convenience and organisation, keeping all your scripts in the one place electronically. The main benefits to switching from hard copy scripts to eScripts are that they are extremely hard to lose compared to hard copies as they are filed on your mobile device, saving you time and alleviating your stress when trying to find your hard copy scripts around the house. Not only are eScripts more convenient, but they are also eco-conscious, reducing the amount of paper needed to print scripts, only to be disposed of when they are no longer needed.

So, how does an eScript work? There are a few important things to remember before you can start using eScripts. Firstly, check with your local GP that they can provide you with an electronic token and that your phone number and email address are updated. At Strachans Pharmacy, we are eScript ready and are experienced in helping you switch from hard copy scripts to eScripts!