No one likes getting sick, especially when you have the flu, so what can we do to protect ourselves the best that we can? Getting the flu shot can be much more beneficial than you think! Not only can the flu shot help us from getting sick with the flu, but it can also prevent us from obtaining millions of illnesses, reducing the need to go to the doctors by 40-60%, saving you both time and money.

The flu can affect anyone from children to working-age adults and even older adults as well! No one is safe from the flu. Getting your vaccination is extremely important not only to protect yourself but also individuals around you who are particularly vulnerable including babies, young children, the elderly and individuals who have chronic health conditions.

In addition to these benefits, getting your flu vaccine can also reduce the severity of your symptoms if you still happen to fall ill, and can be lifesaving for children reducing the risk of death from the flu. At Strachans Pharmacy, our accredited vaccinated pharmacists who are trained in the safe and effective provision of vaccines can take care of you and your family when you get your annual flu shot!