Strachans Pharmacy is a day/night pharmacy servicing the greater Newcastle region. We are recognised for our excellence in service, expert advice as well as being open seven days per week (8am – 9pm) while being conveniently located in New Lambton.

Over the last 17 years Strachans Pharmacy has grown to what it is today, having looked after the local New Lambton community and the wider Newcastle area. Our customers enjoy off street parking and a broad range of pharmacy services including: Webster packs, medical certificates, e-script functionality, consulting, vaccinating, group home services as well as our NDIS services.

Are you a loyal customer of Strachans Pharmacy? If so, why not join our VIP club and get treated like royalty for your loyalty!

Our Team


The Strachans Pharmacy name has been built upon three generations of delivering excellent outcomes for out customers. Many of our experienced team have been with the pharmacy for a long time, and form part of our pharmacy family.

We have a culture of keeping it real, and are not afraid to show we are all human; hence why Strachans “still rhymes with prawn” is what we have become known for. We couldn’t do what we do without each member of our team, from our pharmacists to our pharmacy assistants.

One of the key benefits of our pharmacist’s is that they are all fully accredited vaccinators, having completed an additional qualification they are able to safely provide our customers with flu-shots and other vaccines.

Our Services

Full-range of Prescription Medication

Our dispensary caters for a full-range of prescription medication. Are you tired of your pharmacy not having your medication in stock chances are we will have it. Meet one of our friendly pharmacists to discuss your medication needs.

Health Consulting

Our handy consulting room offers our customers a safe and private way to discuss your individual needs with an accredited pharmacist. Our consulting room is often the perfect spot for individuals to receive a flu-shot.


Our accredited vaccinating pharmacists can take care of your annual flu-shot needs, they are trained in the safe and effective provisions of vaccines.

Medical Certificates

If you are unwell or caring for someone who is unwell and need an off-work/medical certificate, come and speak to one of our experienced pharmacists. We can issue a medical certificate for illnesses which are within our scope of practice and for a maximum of 2 days leave.

Blood Pressure

Our Pharmacists have the ability to conduct blood pressure checks, consultations and assist in the management of your blood pressure medication.

Webster Pack Management 

Webster Pack management for individuals and group homes. It’s the ideal way to manage a patients medication requirements to ensure they receive the right medication at the right time.

E-Script Services

We are e-script ready. Soon your doctor will be issuing you with an electronic token instead of a paper script. Strachans Pharmacy is ready and experienced in dispensing using this new technology.

Script Management App (MedAdvisor)

Use our Mobile phone app to manage your medication or your loved one’s medication. Through the App you can: Order scripts, pay for scripts, organise for a delivery (if it is in the local area) and see how many repeats you have left on medication.

Stop Smoking

We offer one of the cheapest stop smoking sections in any pharmacy, combined with the best and most up to date advice.

NDIS Services

As an accredited NDIS services pharmacy provider, we offer advice and services specific to your needs. Including understanding your plan, providing the correct medication for your needs, medication delivery, as well as advice surrounding mobility aids and service provider referrals.

Scripts on-File

We can  keep your scripts safely and securely on-file, meaning we can lookup if your doctor has issued a repeat on your medication, compare to previous scripts and assist you with fulfilling your current script, all from the one place while saving you time. You can phone or email ahead to have a script dispensed ready for collection when you arrive.

VIP Club

We offer a VIP club which provide our customers with exclusive discounts across a range of everyday pharmacy and gift products. Why not get treated like royalty for your loyalty!

Gift Shop

We have a range of boutique and hand curated gifts for all types of occasions, whether you just need something to decorate the home, or you are headed to a friend’s birthday, we have something to suit almost all occasions.

Off-street Parking

Our convenient, safe off-street parking lets you park, literally at the front door of the pharmacy. This provides our customers with an easy way to access us, at any time during our opening hours from 8am – 9pm 7 days a week!

We’re Local!


Visit: 257 Lambton Road, New Lambton, NSW, 2305

Email: customer@strachanspharmacy.com.au

Phone: 02 4957 1405